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Although patience is one of the most obvious lessons of motherhood, I think the one that surprises me the most is the power of gentleness. Although yelling happens—especially when I am stressed—it has to be the


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Around the holidays, I finally followed through on a longtime intention to make care packages for the homeless with my children. A wise woman I once traveled with planted this seed almost a decade ago.

  • Trickster


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No deck would be complete without a trickster card, and especially a deck for mothers would be wanting if it did not pay homage to the mischief-makers in our midst. So it happened that the


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Today I write on Demeter. Sometimes I too feel like I am the queen of loss. My gorgeous crown is made from garlands of melancholy, its flowers have thorns and may draw blood. This has

  • Pajapati


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In the past, I never thought of myself as an impatient person. I now know that I had just not reached that chapter in the annals of my personal growth. I had rarely been pushed

  • freedom card


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At first glance, freedom seems one of the first things to go when you embark on the course of motherhood. And I won't lie—a lot of freedom does get sacrificed in the name of naps,

  • owl card


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As I dive deeper into my own blind spots, as Owl wisdom counsels, I better understand my own parenting compulsions—all the inner rules I have in my head about what my children need each day

  • Joy


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Sitting with The Mother’s Wisdom Deck face down in front of me, I called up a card that could speak to my life in this moment. Joy is what surfaced. Hallelujah! Detail of Joy from

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