FULL Surrender

I bumped into a fellow flood-refugee at our adopted "local" coffee shop yesterday. She said she's been thinking of us and the

FULL Surrender2018-02-04T11:24:00-07:00

Cultivating Serenity through the Heart

Ever in search of ideas to nurture inner quiet within myself as well as my children, I asked another gifted and much

Cultivating Serenity through the Heart2018-02-04T11:24:00-07:00

Serenity: The Still Quiet Place

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.  —Unknown This month, Lake beckons us into her calm waters

Serenity: The Still Quiet Place2018-02-04T11:24:00-07:00

The Wonder of the Familiar

Here we were, doing our typical weekend walk which we have done hundreds of times before. But now it was spring, the

The Wonder of the Familiar2018-02-04T11:24:00-07:00
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