Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.  —Unknown

SerenityThis month, Lake beckons us into her calm waters in hopes that our expansive summer adventures may find their complement in the still quiet place that is ever only a few deep breaths away. The Serenity card always brings to mind the placid high mountain lakes of Colorado that are a favorite warm weather destination of mine. Though the requisite day hike is not always an option, I need only close my eyes to the conjure their tranquil waters.

In thinking of how to share this experience with you and yours, our beloved Waldorf-inspired kindergarten teacher Kaivalya Miller comes to mind. She is rather like a lake herself and can somehow mysteriously cast a deep calm over a spirited class of nine children. Her classroom is like a sanctuary. So that she may share some of her wisdom with us mamas, I have asked to interview her later this month. Be sure to stay tuned.

In the meantime, and as an enticement, she has offered a mindfulness practice for young children. She has been using this magical “Introduction to the Still Quiet Place” with the Applesong children this spring. It has been truly delightful to hear reports from the parents about how the Still Quiet Place is now finding its way into the children’s homes with comments like, “Mama, I think you need to visit your still quiet place. Its not a place you can travel to by boat, car, or airplane.” Perhaps if you share this practice with your little one, you too will be reminded of your inner tranquility when you have worked yourself up into a tempest.

“Introduction to the Still Quiet Place” by Amy Saltzman

I would like to share one of my favorite places with you

I call it the still quiet place

Its not a place you can travel to by boat, car or airplane

It’s a place inside of you and you can find it by just closing your eyes

Its like a treasure hunt and the most wonderful thing is that the treasure and map are inside you

So if you want to discover the treasure inside of you sit tall and close your eyes

Take a few slow deep breaths

Put your hand on your belly and see if you can feel your belly rise like a balloon when you breathe in

And shrinking like a balloon when you breathe out

Whenever your ready you can move your hand and let it rest in your lap

See if you can feel your breath move your belly without your hand filling you and emptying you

See if you can feel a kind of warm easy smile in you body

Maybe it’s in your heart or your belly

Can you feel it?

This is your still quiet place

It may feel simple, easy, and comfortable

Take some more slow deep breaths and really snuggle in

The best thing about your still quiet place is that it’s always inside you

And you can visit it whenever you like

It is nice to visit your still quiet place and feel the love that is there

It is especially helpful to visit your still quiet place if you are feeling angry, silly, sad or afraid

The still quiet place is a good place to talk with these feelings and to make friends with them

When you rest in your still quiet place and talk to your feelings you may find that your feelings aren’t as big or as powerful as they seem

Remember you can come whenever you want and stay as long as you like all you have to do is put your hand on your belly and follow the path of your breathe to the treasure of your still quiet place

Everyone has a still quiet place inside.

You can even help grown ups find the still quiet place inside them by inviting them to travel to the still quiet place with you

Thanks for traveling to the still quiet place with me!