Fanning the fire midweek, we are tossing you a spontaneous quote, question, or conundrum related to Monday’s post. We invite you to riff on this prompt or share a story—heartbreaking or hilarious—to spark further conversation about the path of motherhood.

I saw this clip of my friend Christy months ago, and I immediately thought of Integrity.  Christy is deaf and was on Survivor–yes, that Survivor–ten years ago. I love how she makes the point in this clip that deafness isn’t about disability–it’s actually an invitation for everyone to communicate more consciously.

She reminds me that integrity is so tied to how we communicate our truth. She stands her ground, and advocates for herself, with so much honesty that it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch.  I have asked Christy to be one of Oriah’s mentors–she is my hero!