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Though inspiration fills many parts of my life, I have been feeling that something is off, out of balance, not in the flow overall. Celebrating what is harmonious in my world, like Applesong, is fine and well, but Oshun evidently also surfaced in my deck this week to point out where I have work to do. This only just dawned on me and, as it did, I thought of the Harmonizing Spread that we outlined in The Mother’s Wisdom Deck. I love this spread and its connection to the Native American Medicine Wheel which has been one of the greatest guides and teachers in my life.

The Medicine Wheel exists across traditions and in many variations. In essence, it is a map of the cosmos and the whole person; it is a wheel of life which brings diversity into wholeness. The Harmonizing Spread is likewise “a map of the whole mother, where each card represents essential aspects of being that must be in harmony with one another to make true nurturance possible.” It is a spread to turn to when the wheel of your life stops turning smoothly.

Harmonizing Spread

When I do a spread, I like to pull all of the cards together, lay them out, and then turn them over one by one while contemplating their meaning and implications in my life. The first card I turned over today was Curandera in the East position which speaks to the energy of new beginnings and inspiration. A new project has been stirring within me and Curandera reminds me to presence my inner healerthe one who knows how to integrate mind, body and spirit into well-beingin this new vision.

Harmonizing Spread

In the South position, The Pythia call up the power of intuition to guide us through fears and back into a place of trust. I haven’t been allowing myself the void space in which intuition speaks most clearly. With this card in my spread, I have renewed my commitment to taking the time to seek insight through stillness.

So it goes as I continue to move around the wheel with each card offering me deeper awareness of myself and the opportunity to reorient myself toward harmony. Like all of the Mothering Spreads, the Harmonizing Spread is also an opportunity to take your relationship with The Mother’s Wisdom Deck to the next level. While they can each stand alone and carry a message, the cards reveal another layer of wisdom when read together and in relationship to their positions within a spread. I invite you to chose a spread and dive in!

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