OshunEach week we draw a different card from The Mother’s Wisdom Deck to reflect upon and write about in this blog. With 52 cards in the deck and our one-year anniversary rapidly approaching, the stack of cards we have to pull from is dwindling. Yet somehow each card I draw remains perfect. We shall see if this holds true right down to the very last card for the very last week.

This week I drew Harmony. I have since undertaken a hopeful search for Harmony and the love, pleasure, beauty and joy she leaves in her wake. My quest has led me to the welcoming doors of Applesong—the cottage school birthed by my circle of beloved mamas and our collective devotion to the children—just as we are shaping our vision for the coming year. What began as a far-fetched idea four years ago has blossomed into a thriving school where 21 children spend their days in a learning environment that nurtures harmony for both the whole child and the whole community. May it continue!

Working TogetherI could write volumes about what my experience with Applesong has taught me and about the gifts that it has bestowed upon our family. We encountered many naysayers when we began this journey. Mostly folks doubted the sustainability of a school run communally. I am proud that we have proven them wrong. We have grown organically with each individual playing an important role in creating and operating the school. It is the ultimate balancing act supported by love, respect, good communication, and ample faith as we feel our way with each step forward.

Fall AltarLearning as we go, I am infinitely grateful to our gifted teachers for their dedication and their steady wisdom that less in more. Less is more. It is so easy for us well-intentioned parents to be swayed by the cultural push into bigger, sooner, faster. Our teachers hold our lifeline back to the children, reminding us how we serve them through a simplicity that is the doorway to deep living and understanding.

Last but not least, the land is the true keeper of harmony at Applesong. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, gardens, and orchards, the children explore and experience the rhythm of nature. As their bodies, hearts, and minds attune to this heartbeat, may we seed in them the knowing that they are of this earth and to this intricately balanced and harmonious whole may they always return.

River LearningTree Sit

Where does the quest for harmony lead you?