Sometimes the words NIki and I wrote for the cards hit dangerously close to home. I guess that’s what’s called “write what you know.”  I admit, dear friends, up till very recently I was in an energy slump. Yes, I could feel myself slumping over and circling the coffee pot.  I wasn’t able to get to yoga as much as I wanted, and I could feel myself slowly melting away–the slushy aftermath of a pristine snowfall.

And then a dear friend (thanks Erin) told me about how Lyons Yoga & Wellness was running a $15 introductory special—a week of unlimited yoga, meditation, and movement. Right up my alley, literally and figuratively.  I started on Thursday and I have already done four classes.  It is such a luxury to be able to drive two minutes to a yoga class it seems almost surreal.

The classes are small, intimate, and deeply restorative.  I love not just the practice—I realized today I have been involved with yoga for 30 years—but practicing locally. It is feeding me in a way i can’t describe to be able to run out of my house for just a bit over an hour and get a yoga class in.

The no-schlep factor is priceless.  Typically, my yoga buzz wears off as soon as i hit the daycare at my gym. the transition from savassana to a long overdue diaper change is swift and brutal.  I just want to get home, but my overtired daughter has other ideas. She loves to frolic in the parking lot, steadfastly refusing my pleas to hold my hand. By the time I have her in lockdown in the car I’m back to my default frazzle.

So yes, doing yoga almost daily has been a revelation of sorts.  I love what Erin reported about a mutual friend who recently had her second child. She says, “It’s either post partum depression or thrice weekly yoga classes.” I’m all for the yoga class option—but I think I might need to make it five weekly.

What I’ve come to understand as I walk the path of motherhood that nurturing myself is not an indulgence—it’s a non-negotiable necessity. Our life force needs to be nourished, conserved, and even (how I love you India!) worshipped.

The photo below is of  a roadside shrine I took as I was circumambulating  the holy mountain Arunachala during my recent trip to India.

How do you feed your vitality? What are some of your favorite (or quirky) ways to reboot?