My daughter, crowned as a lion.  My son, crowned by his books.  Me, crowned by my joyous return to India,  and struggling to keep the crown from falling off in my bumpy return.

My trip was a way to reclaim my own sovereignty—and it tasted as delicious as I had hoped. It was a dive back in, without interruptions, without disappointed expectations of myself and others.  It was just me, accountable to myself, and it allowed me to see who I was with fresh eyes.  And what I saw was good.

It jived completely with the quote we picked for Sovereignity:

Remember for just one minute of the day, it would be best to try looking upon yourself more as God does, for She knows your true royal nature. —Hafiz

I saw my own royal nature again, after losing sight of it for so long. And with that reclaiming, I simultaneously had to relinquish my sovereignty over my family, and let them be who they were, without my supervision. And they survived. They did things their own way–and nobody was harmed in the process.

So here’s my note to self, from India: To be in your royalty, let go of all that doesn’t serve, moment  by moment. Instead of abdicating, forgive. And crown each one of your people with the dignity you too long to receive.