AmaterasuWith the heartbreak in Connecticut still heavy in my chest, the card I pulled for this week bears a different message. As the longest night of the year approaches and the dark descends upon us through tragedy, Amaterasu calls forth the light. She urges us to kindle our own inner light and then radiate it into the world around us.

Radiant Mama

photo compliments of Erin Dollar Kott

Like Neem Karoli Baba, in Jenny’s post on Friday, may we shine like the sun, and in so doing may the world become covered in flowers that grow when the sun shines. Here for you today, are a few rays of hope and beauty to help you shine.

Two friends of mine, women who are further along the mothering path than I and have been guiding lights for me along the way, recently published a book entitled The Three Sunflowers. Though the idea for this children’s story came in the wake of 911 and natural disasters in the years that followed, it is a timely tale for all ages.

The Three SunflowersThe Three Sunflowers, written by Janet Lucy and illustrated by Colleen McCarthy-Evans, tells of a turbulent day in the garden where a trio of sunflowers—the tall, wise Gloria, and young Solita and Sunny—face unexpected and chaotic events they have no power to stop. Through it all, Gloria guides and reassures the youngsters and reminds them of the purpose of a sunflower’s life.

After a dark night of uncertainty, the story concludes with a delightful surprise ending. This unique and inspiring book offers empowering messages of love, hope, courage and peace, with new perspectives for living in an unpredictable world.

“There are times in our lives when there is nothing we can do to prevent the chaos that surrounds us,” Gloria gently explained to the young sunflowers.

“Then how can we help?” Solita demanded to know.

“We are sunflowers, golden and radiant,” Gloria reminded them. “Our job is to be loving and peaceful wherever we stand.”

My deep hope is that most of our young children have not had to unnecessarily carry this recent tragedy in any way, but if they have been told or have overheard the news, The Three Sunflowers offers a way to transform fear into peace.

Janet Lucy and Colleen McCarthy Evans are generously offering a copy of The Three Sunflowers to two (2) winners. To enter, please comment on today’s post by 8 am mst on Wednesday, December 19th. We will select two comments at random and announce the lucky winners in this week’s ‘Wild Card Wednesday’ post.

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