I was so excited to pull this card, not only because I adore Jenny’s art for it, but also because the very word gets me excited, envisioning one-way tickets to continents far away.

My travel days are on the wane for now. But kids can turn everything into an adventure—for better or worse.  Still there are times when the luster of adventure dims in the scripted routine of snacks, naps, clean-up, and bathtime. The day gets taken up in sorting laundry, wrangling dust bunnies, and the endless battle of tamping down clutter.

I want to toss it all to the winds—this life—and let the pieces scatter. Let me dance among the fall out. Dinner can wait.

The prosaic chaps my heels. All I want is simple presence. How hard we struggle with phantom riffs, when all it takes is a twirl, run, and tumble to get back  into here.

Don’t leave, you winds of adventure, even if foolishly I prefer the safety of routines. Come back when you can.

How do you invoke adventure to stage an intervention? Which ways does the wind blow you, and your family?