On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood to shine her light of inspiration upon us.

Last year, in search of creating holiday traditions for our family, I stewed over ideas with a friend to make a Christmas Spirit calendar. My daughter helped me sew this pocket calendar with fabric scraps. Then, my husband and I made a list of messages for each pocket. We wanted each note to inspire loving kindness, gratitude, spiritual devotion and devotion to family, friends, nature and animals. These were some of the messages:

– Surprise a neighbor with egg presents from your lady hens.
– Make + hang peanut butter + bird seed pinecone ornaments outside for our bird friends.
– Help Papa build a fire. Then everyone choose a book, cuddle and read together.
– Collect icicles  and make icicle paintings. Send one to Grandma in the mail.
– Plant (these) seeds in the greenhouse. Give them lots of water, songs, and love!
– Give Oso-the-dog EXTRA love today: brush him, sing him a song, bake him dog-cookies, and take him for a walk through the woods.
– Bake cookies and take them to the Temple as an offering for kirtan night (devotional singing) — bring your instruments!
– Sing “Happy Birthday” to Baby Jesus this morning (Christmas Day)– my family’s tradition since I was a baby. :)

We would love to hear how you share+inspire devotion with your children, too.