Fanning the fire midweek, we are tossing you a spontaneous quote, question, or conundrum related to Monday’s post. We invite you to riff on this prompt or share a story—heartbreaking or hilarious—to spark further conversation about the path of motherhood.

My peace of mind has been completely unraveled by the recent abduction in Colorado. In the wake of nightmares and paranoia, I am left feeling raw and vulnerable as a deeply loving mother. What does one do when faced with the reality that we have only this precious moment; the past is out of our reach and the future is out of our hands. I take refuge in prayer.

For me, prayer unfolds as deliciously spiraling, homespun praise and gratitude for this untamed world and the honey-hearted life I have been given, followed by requests for protection and long life on behalf of all those I love.

Whatever prayer means to you, I offer you this stirring ‘Abwoon Call to Prayer’ created by two beautiful friends of mine, songstress Jahanara Mangus and video artist Dustin Brunson. How do you respond to this call? What is your prayer?