Mother MaryMother Mary have mercy, I am smitten. This is undoubtedly the ideal card for me to have drawn today, my firstborn’s birthday. On the day this little guy came into my life, my heart dropped all pretense and protection. There was no holding back or making excuses. My love poured forth, ever flowing from within and beyond me. I even remember listening to gushy love songs on the radio and thinking that they were all written about a mother’s love for her child. I had lost my mind and revealed my heart.

Haven at BirthHow could someone so small hold the key to the boundless force of love? This for me is proof that children are heaven sent. I believe that love is the ground of the universe from which we all originate. During our time here on earth, we may grow forgetful, or find ourselves unworthy, or feel disconnected from this infinite source. When a child is born, they carry the smell, the taste, the feel, the spirit of the divine umbilicus. One gaze into their otherworldly eyes awakens within the knowing that we all essentially are love.

If we can hold our hearts tenderly, if we can forgive that we are not perfect, if we can love ourselves unconditionally, then our children remain portals of love in our lives. But we all close that door sometimes. When I grow frustrated or lack empathy, I find that remembering how my children are always doing their best allows me to tap my heart again.

To be sure, the floodgates are always open on birthdays. I remember giving birth and I cry because I am once more overwhelmed by love.

As a birthday gift to you all, Haven wanted to share his very own bubble recipe for making wishes:

1 tbsp Seventh Generation dish soap

1/4 cup water

Bubble wand and wishes