On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood to shine her light of inspiration upon us.

While ‘taking’ four days to soak in healing hot springs this week with my family (and meditating on the Curandera card), I tried to open, and then open more, to all the directions healing was being offered:

– a “party” of geese flying over us on our morning walk followed by feather presents raining down (which we collected of course)
– heaps of colorful flower petals and leaves
– spontaneous eight minutes of ‘real’ mama-to-mama sharing with a friend i love and respect
– early morning cranial head holdin’ from my beloved topped off with a cuddly toddler
– a forty minute mama-daughter snuggle after a “hard time”
– soaking in the hot springs while fifteen teenage girls sang hymms straight from their divine goddess hearts — truly moving! (Tulsi, nor I, wanted them to stop.)
– a split second after a heavy bowl fell on my itty piggy, Tulsi dropped to the floor and smothered it with kisses
– gingery goat milk chai on a cold mountain morning
– iris dement, van morrison, bhajans and lullabies
– sun salutations
– pool giggles
– a quiet, 3 hour, (nap-filled) car ride home filled with mama-papa hand-holdin’ and stunning lemony yellow aspen groves in Colorado and vast, open sky-filled landscapes in New Mexico
– coming home to a *clean*, warm and beautiful home

 What about your week? What small moments have healed you?