On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood to shine her light of inspiration upon us.

The rains have finally come and brought fall along with them. I am feeling the pull to turn inward and be nurtured by cozy blankets and hot soup. My fall crops are ready to grace the table in a soup recipe that is a favorite throughout my community of mamas. It is easy and the kids love it! Blessings on your harvest.


“Green Machine” Soup

1 Yellow Onion

4 cups water

Chard8oz. Spinach, Kale, or Chard

3-4 cups Green Peas

1 Tbsp Fresh Ginger Grated

2 Tbsp Marjoram

2 tsp Braggs

1 tsp Nutmeg

1 tsp Ground Fennel

Lemon Juice

Chopped Parsley

Chop onion and sauté in the bottom of soup pot with olive oil, salt, pepper, ginger and marjoram. When onion turns transparent, add 4 cups of water, greens and peas, and bring to a boil. Turn heat down and cook until done. Blend until smooth in texture. Add Braggs, lemon juice, nutmeg, fennel, and parsley near the end of blending to suit your taste. Braggs gives a more earthy taste and the parsley adds freshness. You can play with these last ingredients until you find the right combination for you. Enjoy!

Makes approx. 4 servings.  Easy to double and save in fridge.

MarjoramRecipe created by Angela Karegeannes, shared by Ashley Johnson, and altered by Niki Dewart