Queen of ShebaWisdom emerges from seeds cast far and wide. Hoping to cultivate new awareness, I sometimes entertain my current vocation as an anthropological study, taking a step back to study the patterns and signs of the mothering culture. One of the curious things I have noted is how the apple never falls far from the tree, especially that first fruit. I wonder whether nature or nurture shapes our blossoming offspring.

Is it genetics that causes an aspiring singer/songwriter to have a songbird daughter? Is a mama whose identity coalesces around her bright mind likely to have a child naturally inclined toward the intellect? Is it fate? Evolution? Or, are our children’s talents correlated to our own hopes and expectations, or possibly the rose colored glasses through which we perceive them. Maybe if we had rainbow colored glasses we could better see our children’s uniquely radiant hue within the spectrum of possibility.

This all has been up for me of late as I help Haven navigate the extracurricular options that have enticed my now-almost-seven boy. Last year he wanted to try fiddle, admittedly at my prompting. In my delight, I dismissed the possibility that pushing him toward music had anything to do with my closeted dream of being a folk diva. Though he showed talent and promise (of course), his interest has now lapsed. We have been thrown back into the chaos of unlimited opportunity. As we pick our way along this path of discovery, I have promised to follow his passion.

This new practice is a tricky one. Haven’s passions are mere buds and there is no telling what color bloom waits within. When I pulled Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, today I was reminded that “Wisdom resides in the don’t know mind. She seeps through the cracks of your certainty.” I am now overjoyed not to know whether Haven fall in love with break dancing, goat herding, or simply this sweet, wild world. He can sample them all, and more. At the moment, Haven is like a little bee collecting pollen to transmute into his own sweet wisdom. And, come to think of it, so am I.Goat herding

Robin by Haven

How is wisdom seeping through the cracks in your life?