On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood to shine her light of inspiration upon.

This week’s card inspired me to finally make a pouch for my mother’s deck. It’s always hard for me to use “valuable nap time” for playing — I am always diving into my ‘work’. (Honestly, I don’t know how to sew. I fake it, although someday I hope to learn.) I found this sweet, silk peacock ribbon in Tulsi’s magic, Blessing Way box, and the pale green fabric felt healing. I love it. It’s simple and feels sacred. I’m so happy I took the time! When Tulsi woke up from her nap, she instantly wanted to make one, too. She was so proud of it. I loved watching her carefully choose each fabric and cut every shape exactly how she wanted to. She even came up with a theme — one side was “home” and the other was “India”. When we finished her bag, she immediately filled it with apricot seeds, dried moss and special rocks for a secret witch’s potion. :)

Other sweet creations around the house this week…
Papa + Tulsi’s sweet garden flower bouquets (and our homemade flowers, too), a recycled+altered kitchen curtain,

and Tulsi’s “art-calendar”. I started it for her last month so she’ll always know what is happening day-to-day, and it has been so helpful! I think she feels more actively involved in our schedule/routine since after we discus the upcoming days, SHE draws pictures of the essential details. She often remembers what is happening each day when she wakes up, but when she forgets, she runs to her calendar to see, and she looks forward to upcoming fun events. Next to her calendar is her ever-growing, and oh-so happy, art wall.

And for your sweet tooth, we’ve been mixing up these coconut-almond ‘yummy balls’ in the food processor: crispy almonds, dates, unsweetened dried shredded coconut, pinches of cinnamon, ginger powder and salt, and a little coconut oil. Process the nuts first, then add salt and spices, then pitted dates and oil. Roll into small balls. You can make them with other nuts (or a combo) and spices, too. Plus, they are fun and easy for little, eager helping hands to make!

Have a creative and beauty-filled weekend!