DolphinPlay is the best medicine, says Dolphin. Before heading to the far north woods for a much needed getaway, our household was getting a little stale. All work and not enough play was triggering adult overdrive along with the tired patterns of stress, rigidity and perfectionism that arise when we are out of balance. It wasn’t until I saw the dolphins frolicking along the shores of Tadoussac (a remote village and longtime family summer retreat in Northern Quebec) that I got what the week was about for us—reviving the child within.

Steve LaughingSteve, my husband, spent his childhood summers in Tadoussac and turns into a boy again when he is there. He knows all the best places to romp and the kids were in heaven alongside their fun-loving papa. My inner girl delighted too in days filled with running down the sand dunes, building dams in the streams, flying kites on the beach, decorating sand castles, and picking (and eating) blueberries by the handful as we walked to and from our adventures. I came home completely transformed and so out of touch with my adult self that I totally forgot about my post this morning. We mamas live by the adage “better late than never”, and also know that it is never to late to have a happy childhood! Are you in need of some dolphin days? Now is the time to re-create the summer of your life alongside your children.

Sand Castles

Goofy Haven