On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood to shine her light of inspiration upon us.

In April, we had a beautiful gathering to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. Our family lives in the mountains and kinda remote, which is peaceful and lovely yet sometimes isolating. But, WOW. Fifty-something friends made “the trek” up north to attend! I will always remember singing Happy Birthday to a wide-eyed, glistening, smiley Tulsi, while looking at every friend there and thinking, We are incredibly blessed that ALL of these gentle, spirited, loving people are a part of Tulsi’s life. And she is that much more amazing because of them. This was a big ah-ha moment for me. This is our Village, and we are not alone.

We all know how sweet it is to be able to help out a mama friend when she is in need. I would love for this art to be a reminder and inspiration to reach out for support when YOU need it, too. Print it out. Put it on your fridge or tape it to your mirror. :)