Kali MaKali Ma, the goddess who wields the sword of Fierce Love in The Mother’s Wisdom Deck, greeted me when I awoke, causing me to seriously consider crawling back into bed. My husband also left this morning for the week. Although this is our family’s monthly routine, I experienced his departure as strike two for the day. It was all I could do to pull myself together and dive into solo motherhood.

My curiosity about what Kali had in store pulled me out of my funk and back on the path. I am often at my fiercest when I am on my own with the children all week. But while exasperation may be Kali’s calling card, she always pushes us through the muck to reveal a deeper teaching. This time around she seems bent on cutting through the stories that I tell myself and freeing me of destructive patterns. Bring it on!

All day I battled with the ‘woe is me’ myth. I have hit a some rough patches on my solo watch over the years, but today Kali prompted me to question if I set myself up for a self-fulfilling prophecy? In truth, whenever I really checked in with myself, I was surprised to find that all was well. The kids played joyfully together (with the camera). We had a beautiful time helping with a community-based art project. I had a few moments to clean a long-neglected toilet. I even managed to turn into the skid more than once in response to some blessed rains. Why not eat dinner under the patio table instead of retreating indoors, right?


So, I happily end my day a million miles from where I began it. We’ll see where I am at the end of the week. Nevertheless, I am passing Kali Ma and her fierce wisdom along to you: “What destructive patterns in yourself can be slain so that your love can flow more freely?”