On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood to shine her light of inspiration upon us.

My “freedom” List (or, ways-I-feel-free-list)

– Last night, Patrick and I went on our first date since Tulsi was born (over 3 and 1/3 years ago!) — it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. We felt young and free and a bit wild.

– My imagination. Tulsi is constantly inviting me to walk thru walls, shrink myself teeny-tiny or grow myself GIANT, fly (and converse) with bugs and fairies, turn our home into a ship on the ocean, and create spirit houses in the forest with tree people who have pet mousies.

– Our lifestyle. My husband and I work for ourselves, make our own schedules, are full-time with our daughter (tag-teaming with a lot of family-time), grow a lot of our own food, and live on a wee-homestead in the mountains under an incredible, TALL sky.

– My long, brisk morning walks at 6 am with my sweet dog, up mountain roads past horses and cows, giddy birdsong and flowing creeks, arms swinging, warm sunrise on my face, smiling like a little girl while creating stories in my head. Oh, and the sweetness of my family meeting me somewhere on the road and joining me.

– A recent two-day writing retreat at a friend’s remote cabin and being at the “beginning” of stories.

– And today, a family date: waking up together at a friends house in town and sharing pancakes and giggles. Followed by “Kid Day” at the Farmer’s Market with puppet shows, painting, dress up + photo booths, ripe, juicy peaches and alpacas named Tut and Apollo to adore. Then, the incredible dances+costumes+drumming+singing at the POW WOW in an open field under stormy clouds. And ending with a visit to our temple, more friends, and monsoon rain snuggles. Total bliss.

What is on YOUR “freedm list” right now?