ButterflyAs mothers we walk hand-in-hand with Butterfly, the winged messenger of transformation in The Mother’s Wisdom Deck. Sometimes I feel like I am seeing my life through a time-lapse camera. Just the other day, my boy was a babe-in-arms and at the moment he is packing for a sleepover. And, what about me? Despite saggy breasts and a few more wrinkles, I may appear pretty much the same as I did before I became a mother, but inside I have changed undeniably and irreversibly on the path of motherhood.

When I was pregnant, I marveled at how my body was changing day-to-day and I imagined what life might be like with a baby, but truly I had no idea what the rite of passage from maiden to mother was all about. How could I know that my heart would grow exponentially or that I would sleep with a little person by my side for years to come?

PregnantMy sister and a dear friend held a Blessingway Ceremony for me as I prepared to cross the threshold into motherhood, and I have in turn held this beautiful space for other women. But I wish that I’d had more awareness and intention throughout my pregnancy. The Mother’s Wisdom Deck was seeded in this desire, and we hope that it will accompany mothers through all stages of becoming.

Another amazing resource for expectant moms is Anni Daulter’s new book Sacred Pregnancy. In it Anni, a sister on the path, celebrates the changes brought about by creating new life. For each of pregnancy’s 40 weeks, she explores a different topic from meditation to forgiveness and self-nurturing, offering reflections, tips and journaling prompts for baby, body and spirit.  With gorgeous photographs and stories, her book is the perfect set-up for a soulful motherhood.

Sacred Pregnancy