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Daily gratitude is best upheld in my home around mealtimes. We offer a simple blessing before we eat and, at dinnertime, we attempt to weave the conversation around what we are thankful for that day. This is not a solemn practice and rather often results in joviality, which is exactly what gratitude should feel like in my book. Here are a few favorite blessings that we cycle through:

For the golden corn, for the apples on the trees; For the golden butter and the honey for our tea; For the fruits and nuts and berries that grow beside the way; For the birds and beasts and flowers, we thank the Earth today.

Earth who gives to us this food, Sun who makes it ripe and good, dearest Earth and dearest Sun, our loving thanks for all you’ve done.

Blessings on the blossoms, blessings on the fruits, blessings on the leaves and stems, blessings on the roots.

Please share any thankfulness verses that you know and love.

Mealtime Blessing