I awoke in the night sometime last week and my mind began its ritual worrying, that dreadful cycle of woe that creeps in when I am tired and my defenses are down. I feel the fear rising in my chest: what if something horrible were to happen to my beloved children tomorrow, next year, ten years from now? I visit all the possible scenarios in hopes of finding ways to prevent them, but no peace can be found in following this unraveling thread. I pause, rewind, and replay. What if something were to happen? What would I want this moment to be about? Gratitude.

GraditudeWhen I pull the Gratitude card for the week, I praise the powers that be for keeping me on my chosen path. Since I cannot know what the next moment may bring, I do not want to take for granted all that I have right now. I recall that my own wise mama keeps a gratitude journal so that she can soak up the blessings that abound in her life.  Following her inspiration, I decide to keep create my own Gratitude Journal. I am sharing a few excerpts here to stir gratefulness hither and yon.


The priceless faces of three little boys mesmerized by acrobats, jugglers, and a frolicking circus colt.

A wee girl needing lots of snuggles to nurse her mild fever.


The first letters written to shape her name with spelling that wobbles.

Afton SpellingWednesday

The surge of creativity brought on by salvaged materials and an eager six-year-old wielding his very own drill.


A community of families and visionary teachers that celebrate the beauty of how children learn and come alive.

Blossoms Graduation


A quiet day to welcome the slow rhythm of summer.


The children and dear friends of Applesong School gathered for our second annual Rocky Mountain National Park camping trip to bask in natural wonder and sweet togetherness.

Tent Stories

Stevo and Afton