starsLast night we stayed at the YMCA in Estes Park. They offered a night walk, which we were told was fully booked, but at the last minute there was room for Jordan and I. Our group, mostly dads and children, walked on down by the pond, where we saw a mother goose hovering by her nest, where goslings were soon to hatch. We saw a mule deer bound up the road, light on his feet and with a foppish elegance. We walked past a clearing where an elk, resplendent under his rack, lay alertly by some trees.
We walked on, Jordan holding my hand, listening to the sound of the river gurgle and bird calls, echoing plaintively in the night sky. Bats flew overhead, the wind blew threw our thin hoodies, we stumbled a little on the uneven trail.
We both loved being out, partners in mystery, adventuring way past our bedtime. Wonder beamed on us, bright as a flashlight.

family groupOur legs earned their rest, and when we got back to the room, sleep came quick and sweet.