I was a stumped when I pulled Midwife this week. Often the deck mirrors exactly where we are at in the moment and a card draw produces a fulfilling experience of affirmation and fine-tuning. Other times, the deck activates our peripheral vision, nudging us to see what is just beyond our current scope. This invitation is toward expansion.

IxchelIxchel, the ancient Mayan moon goddess, serves as midwife in The Mother’s Deck. She attends birth and then, as our children grow, summons us to serve as midwife to their full becoming. I thought it was significant that the week held in store a delightfully long and unexpected phone conversation with Jennifer Dossett, the midwife that guided me though an HBAC (Homebirth After Cesarean) with my daughter. I am not pregnant and so our conversation spun into tales of our growing children. I remembered fondly all of the wisdom that I gleaned from Jennifer at our midwifery appointments as she regaled me with stories of her teenage and young adult children, each of which she celebrated and encouraged in their uniqueness.

Echoing the teachings of Ixchel, Jennifer called up in me the desire to discover how I can support my children to birth their own potential. This is my edge, especially as my son flails about in the transition that the Waldorf movement calls the six-year change. He pushes me away and then pulls me close again. He wants me to do it all for him and then proclaims that he doesn’t need my help at all. He is no longer a mini me, and the truth is that neither he nor I know what lies on the other side of this amazing metamorphosis. As midwife to him, I can only cultivate the eyes to see what is happening for him in this moment, and then hold him with reassuring and loving hands.

With any luck, our children will continue to unfold into extraordinary beings beyond our wildest imaginings. I ran into a local mama, Lisa Limoge, who was spending quiet time with her ten-year-old daughter Martina by the river. “She loves to dance, and is quite talented,” Lisa said lovingly of Martina. As they intertwined their hands into a joint mudra, I was touched by how their differences could be woven into such beautiful connection and mutual support.


Photo compliments of Lisa Limoge

Hail to the midwives and the mamas a few steps further along the path!