Grace is such a huge card for me, and remembering what I have been given, finding a way to testify that is my own, is this life’s work.
jordan and baby

The other day I was taking a bath with my kids. They played happily together, and the only sounds were giggles and splashing. In recent months they have begun to thoroughly enjoy each other’s spirit, and the sound of their laughter rings through the house and down the hall (usually followed at some point by screams and sobs). In these moments the clouds lift, the trance of desire ceases, and I see clearly the riches I have before me. My children, jewels beyond measure, are like a ring of joy I wear on my finger. When I am with them like this, the love window opens and I know that I have enough, more than enough–that I am blessed.

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day and The Mother’s Wisdom Deck release at a party we threw at The Stone Cup in Lyons. It felt so good to celebrate with our near and dear, at the very cafe we had so many cups of chai as we wrote the book, plotting and plowing through attributes and their shadow.

Jenny Sue generously donated two prints of the cards for a raffle at the party (she was there in spirit!). We asked our peeps to write a blessing in addition to their name, and this is what they wrote:

I wish a big hug and a kind word to all mothers everywhere today.

Wish for health, surrender, and Happiness. Freedom too!

Wishing Strength, Peace and Community for mamas through the growing stages and phases we share.

Limitless relaxation.

Wish for abundant love, patience, and wisdom as a mother.

May the Divine feminine enter your heart.

I wish you the greatest peace today.

I wish for a higher awareness within the world, for peace and love.

May all mothers know peace in their heart, even in the chaos!

I hope my mom has the best day ever!

Inner peace and wisdom.

May all beings be happy.

I love you both so much and so proud of your accomplishments of this deck for all mothers to be inspired by.

It was a treat to see all our collective children playing happily in the sandbox, dancing or listening, rapt, to Tina and Her Pony, climbing assertively on Ashley’s golf cart, sneaking in fistfuls of chocolate covered almonds. Their skin glowed in the chilly spring morning, as they held us with their beauty.

at the stone cup

And even though this makes for a long post, I have to share here a poem that I read to Kris, my husband, on our wedding day. It gives me shivers every time– the words feel so alive. The poem describes a form of Grace that I recognize intimately, even if I can’t tell if I hold it or it holds me. It paints a picture with sweet echoes of the way Jenny envisioned the Grace card.

That Old Song and Dance
by Kenneth Rexroth

You because you love me, hold
Fast to me, caress me, be
Quiet and kind, comfort me
With stillness, say nothing at all.
You because I love you, I
Am strong for you, I uphold
You. The water is alive
Around us. Living water
Runs in the cut earth between
Us. You my groom, your voice speaks
Over the water to me.
Your hands, your solemn arms,
Cross the water and hold me.
Your body is beautiful.
It speaks across the water.
Groom, sweeter than honey, glad
Of heart, our hearts beat across
The bridge of our arms. Our speech
Is speech of the joy in the night
Of gladness. Our words live.
Our words are children dancing
Forth from us like stars on water.
My groom, my well-beloved,
Sweeter than honey, than ripe fruit,
Solemn, grave, a flying bird,
Hold me. Be quiet and kind.
I love you. Be good to me.
I am strong for you. I uphold
You. The dawn of ten thousand
Dawns is afire in the sky.
The water flows in the earth.
The children laugh in the air.

How beautiful to see the going forth…