We believe a calling like mothering, which haphazardly blends the transcendent with the tedious, warrants a little extra oracular guidance (see The Deck) and a deep well of inspiration. On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood be she poet, artist, dancer, musician, thinker, or dreamer. Wishing you all an inspired weekend!

My favorite family ritual is our daily sunset walk. We head out down the forest trail and meander throughout our mountain neighborhood with no agenda. On a snowy or blustery evening, it may be a mere 5 to 10 minute jaunt. But as the Spring sun lingers later into the night, we walk further, savoring longer excursions, 30 minutes to an hour or more. Some of our treasured spots are the labyrnth (still under construction by local Buddhists), our friend’s trampoline, the wedding meadow and altar (where my husband and I got married 8 and a half years ago), the Buddhist stupa, and the magical Lorien forest with tall cottonwoods, aspen groves and winding creek. No matter what is going on internally, or in my days, I am always filled with calm from these walks.

These photos are from last night. If you are inspired, share photos on your blog of your serenity place and share the link in the comments below.