In the mad dash toward the finish line (The Mother’s Wisdom Deck officially hit the shelves last week), I can hardly keep up with myself. The nagging feeling that I have forgotten something has become the norm, and my son has commented that I often dart about like one our chickens. Time to pause and pull a card, right? Serenity is where I have landed.

SerenityIn The Mother’s Wisdom Deck, serenity is the prayer of Lake. When I close my eyes and imagine lying beside a high mountain lake, I feel a calm descend upon my being. But what to do when the lake is miles away? I am learning to seek serenity in the heart of chaos.

For several weeks, our bees had been contemplating a swarm wherein the established queen leaves with half of the hive to find a new home. Initially, this new development added to the household overwhelm. We were already in over our heads. We looked into mitigating the swarm but realized that this worked against the nature of bees. Over the weekend, it looked as though they had settled down, but their quieting was merely the calm before the storm.

Monday morning, Steve, my husband and resident beekeeper, called me to the window. It was awesome! There were tens of thousands of bees circling around our garden. Bees supposedly are not aggressive when they are swarming so I went outside, drawn by the feeling that the swarm mirrored my own frenzy.

Standing below a cloud of bees, breathing deeply, and trying not to draw attention to myself (I didn’t fully trust that I would not be stung), I found the swarm to be beautiful and intentional. Their hypnotic hum stilled my internal mayhem. Tracking any one bee set me whirling again, but collectively they choreographed a tranquil becoming. Eventually they found a tree branch to their liking and amassed there in the shape of a heart.

Bee HeartBeekeeping itself is a practice in serenity. Surrounded by busy, buzzing bees, the bee guardian must move slowly, deliberately and calmly, or be stung. Isn’t this how we also hope to mother? Like children, bees are keenly aware of subtle energies in their environment and react accordingly. So next time my children are running amok, the bathtub is overflowing, and the phone is ringing, I will try to summon my inner beekeeper to radiate serenity. This is how I want my children to experience their mama.

Serene Mama