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Been thinking a lot about Awareness, and how it applies to my children. One thing I haven’t shared yet is that my daughter Oriah was born with a permanent hearing loss in both ears. At first I was sad, as my dream of the perfect baby was shattered. But then the full vibrancy and spunk of her personality emerged, and nothing could dim her bright light. And as I slowly learned more about Deaf culture and American Sign Language (ASL), the fact that she a was hard of hearing became more of a gift than a loss.

ASL blows my mind as language–it’s so kinetic, astute, efficient, and rich.  It has taught me so much about listening with my whole body and paying closer attention to the world around me. Oriah has inspired our whole family to hear better with our eyes and develop a more expressive form of communication.

See for yourself the beauty of ASL by checking out this video below.