We believe a calling like mothering, which haphazardly blends the transcendent with the tedious, warrants a little extra oracular guidance (see The Deck) and a deep well of inspiration. On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood be she poet, artist, dancer, musician, thinker, or dreamer. Wishing you all an inspired weekend!

It is never too early (or too late) to cultivate intuition. So, if we are inspired to nurture the mother’s intuition in ourselves, why not also foster intuition as our children’s birthright. Below you’ll find a good read about doing just that:

Sonia Choquette, The Wise Child: A Spiritual Guide to Nurturing your Child’s Intuition (Three Rivers 1999).

The Wise Child“Connecting to our intuition unites us with both our soul and the soul of the Universe, Divine Spirit. It takes away our fearful sense of isolation and inadequacy. It replaces fear with a sense of spiritual direction and safety. The world become friendly, nonadversarial, and welcoming. Life becomes joyful, amusing, generous, and abundant. This is the divine plan. The intuitive life is one of confidence, inner peace, and creative expression. What better gift to ourselves and our children?