Quieting my mind for half-a-second and hoping to choose a card that could lend clarity to my otherwise muddled state, my hand hovered above the deck and then landed decisively on a card that made my fingers tingle. I turned over the card to find The Pythia, a priestess of Intuition, beckoning me to trust my own inner knowing.

PythiaFor the past few month’s I have been facilitating a women’s group dubbed the Sacred Sisterhood. We are all mamas raising our children together. When our bellies are full and round, we hold Blessingway ceremonies for each other. When motherhood knocks us around, we call upon each other for wise counsel. Yet, day-to-day, we may only pause briefly for hugs enroute to soccer practices and play dates.

In order to keep my third eye open, I require deep dives into my circle of women. And so, I have carved out a little space for us to come together and summon intuition, that voice of divinity that resides within. Sometimes we weave our stories together in council, passing around a talking piece like a shuttle moving through a loom. As we speak and listen to one another using the sixth sense, the wisdom emerging from each woman and the collective is inspiring beyond words.

Women's Council

On Easter, we expanded our circle into the natural world, stepping across a threshold into ceremonial solo time out among the hills where quiet and stillness open doorways to synchronicity. As I sat alone under a heavenly pine tree, I worried that everyone else was wishing they were back home with their families. Was I crazy to drag all of these busy mamas out into the hinterlands that are my personal place of worship? Would they all mutiny or step on rattlesnakes or worse?  Wrestling my monkey mind, I discovered a momentary truce within an intuitive sensing that everything was exactly as it should be.

Solo WalkWhen the brief solo time ended and we came back together, the women emanated rapture and awe. Then the stories began to erupt. A rare and sacred white deer had woven among the group as we were scattered across the land. Everyone’s experience and interpretation of the visitation was unique, but as one common thread the deer affirmed that we are always in conversation with the natural wisdom that lives deep within and all around; it is only a matter of tuning in.