We believe a calling like mothering, which haphazardly blends the transcendent with the tedious, warrants a little extra oracular guidance (see The Deck) and a deep well of inspiration. On Friday, we invoke the muse of motherhood be she poet, artist, dancer, musician, thinker, or dreamer. Wishing you all an inspired weekend!

What has surprised me about the toddler years are the constant conversations and motion. Often I feel like my brain is too full to make a decision about something two weeks away. I wonder how I’ll reach that place if I don’t have the attention to consciously visualize it. So, today I am giving thanks for the treasured, quiet spaces that do surface, often unexpected and unplanned. It is in these moments, when I can feel and hear my own heart beating, that I often set (and reflect on) intentions. In the days ahead, see if you can find a moment of tranquility to reconnect with what you intend for yourself and your children.