This week’s mantra has been a helpful  meditation for me. (I sewed this little prayer flag as a reminder.) Tonight, as I was saying good-bye to my daughter to attend a women’s circle for a couple hours, she clung tight and expressed tearfully how she wanted to be with me — not Papa. Thirty minutes passed as I held her while we talked it through, and it felt good to have patience and not feel attached to the outcome. Allowing allowed me to soften. What a gift for both of us. Soon, she worked through her fears and gave me a farewell hug and kiss. I had a wonderful sister-night sharing stories, dancing, listening to a friend’s harp solo, and another’s short story. I came home with my cup full and happy to snuggle with my daughter and a couple of bedtime books.

So for today, some picture book inspiration. I hope these books will inspire kindness, tolerance and compassion for you and your children — two are my own humble offering; the others are from my collection:

My Travelin’ Eye
Same, Same but Different
Whoever You Are by Mem Fox, illustrated by Leslie Staub
Talking to Angels by Esther Watson
AND more incredible discoveries from your comments!!
Pico the Gnome by Martina Muller
Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior by Susan Perrow

What are some of your your favorite books with this theme? Please share in a comment!