Fanning the fire midweek, we are tossing you a spontaneous quote, question, or conundrum related to Monday’s post. We invite to you riff on this prompt. Or, take a walk on the wild side, and share a story of wisdom, hilarity, or heartbreak to spark further conversation about the path of motherhood. This is a space to talk amongst ourselves—so gather round the hearth, warm your hands, and bare your soul.

In the flurry of excitement in seeing our deck come to life, it’s easy to overlook the deepest source of the deck’s inspiration—our children. It’s the sound of those sturdy little feet stampeding down the hall to embrace us, pure delight in their eyes as they wait to be plucked up into our arms, that change forever our map of love.  They are the wellspring, we the cup.

A million kisses on your soft, trusting souls.

Though it’s a steep and switched-back path we’re on, who would trade it for the plains?

Let’s hear it:

What are the ways your children inspire you?