How do you keep the inner flame alive in your day-to-day home life?

Niki: Creativity, beauty, and chai.

Elizabeth: Niki is indeed the queen of beauty, and she constantly evolves her own wonderful wabi-sabi style in ways inspiring to behold. Who knew that mason jars could be so elegant? As for caffeine—definitely non-negotiable, and the more delicious the better. I alternate between brewing ginger chai and frothing up a latte. But for me, the biggest fanner of my inner flame is being able to go to a yoga class, or a walk by myself. Being in my body, tuning inward is restorative on so many levels. It becomes movement, meditation, and me-time all in one.

N: Oh, yes, solo walks are essential as is walking with a soul sister, and heading into the wild with my kids, and snuggling on the couch with my hubbie, and entering my quiet inner world to write something that someone else might read and feel seen. It seems togetherness in one form or another ranks up there on my list. Not bad for an introvert.

MamahoodJenny: Did someone say chai? Yes. Lots of my husband’s spicy ginger chai with special ingredients like fennel, tulsi or saffron And, nightly soaks under the New Mexico starry sky, our greenhouse and its year-round offering of fresh food, solo brisk walks and family sunset walks and date-hikes with my husband, yoga-yoga-yoga if only for 10 minutes a day, our ever changing chalk wall mural, books (I always have a book or three going for ten-minute-moments), and our garden. We are mostly a pack while honoring the need for a little solo time.

What word encapsulates your experience of motherhood today?

Jordan and OriahJ: Nurturing.

E: Heart-to heart.

N: Today my word is “ten-thousand-thank-yous.”

What keeps your inner flame alive? In a word, what is your experience of motherhood today?