What are your dreams and visions for this deck and blog?

Elizabeth: My dream for the deck is that people will recognize its beauty, appreciate its spirit, and resonate with its potential. I want the blog to be a place where we can be real without being judged, a place where we can laugh at our foibles but also appreciate our riches with fresh eyes.

Moon~RhythmJenny’s painting for the card Moon~Rhythm

Niki: I like to visualize the deck like the moon. Just as you can feel connected to someone on the other side of the world by imagining she is gazing up at the same moon, I dream of the deck being an object of illumination that mother’s can tap for inspiration and the affirmation that they are not alone. I hope this blog will be a daily portal where mothers can meet for a good laugh or a good cry.

Jenny: I think of this deck as an ocean to visit, bathe in, drink from, and hold sacred ceremonies near; an ocean that offers peace, clarity, strength, and gentleness. I envision this blog as that sacred womb expanding for all mothers to come together.

Why did you choose the format of a deck, and an oracle deck at that? How does synchronicity help shed light on motherhood?

Card DecksN:  I am a bit of a deck junkie. I love how pulling a card opens a doorway into myself that I didn’t even know was there. And, at the same time, with a deck in hand I feel utterly connected to a spiritual force far beyond myself. When I wanted to create something that could help me map the new terrain of my mothering psyche and connect me to a powerful circle of mother-guides, an oracle deck seemed like the obvious choice.

E:  Mothering changes you in weird ways. All of a sudden, drive-thru banking becomes a godsend. What I’m getting at is we don’t have a lot of time, as mothers, to be contemplative—five minutes most days, an hour tops on a good day. I need my spiritual hit, something to chew on for the day, to be squeezed in between flossing my teeth, putting away laundry, making breakfast, and getting dressed. I feel like checking in with the oracle—that which is always present—is fast, direct, and undeniable.

J: I am laughing with you, Elizabeth! My quiet 15 minutes of feeding the chickens and watering the greenhouse have been a treasure for me lately! My mind is occupied the rest of the day.

For me, I have wanted to paint an oracle deck ever since I resonated with my first deck. Talk about synchronicity, The Mother’s Wisdom Deck found me only 6 months after I became a mama. I just had to trust I could do it. The process of creating these cards guided me in ways I had been searching for. I let go of thinking I had to do it all alone. I reached out to my community and they answered. Time and clarity appeared with focus. With delusion from little sleep, I trusted my intuition more. In the quiet, I heard my own pleas for attention and self-care. The conversations I had with Turtle and Ocean and Haumea were like pulling a card; each had unique roads to take me down.

N: When I pause to source intention for my day or to seek clarity when I feel muddled, I love that I can pull a single card to connect with the wisdom of Pachamama or Rainbow or Sarah or Owl. Fifty-two archetypal mothers are literally at my fingertips, ever ready to offer up the perfect mirror of my Self and my journey as a mother.

Anyone else out there with a penchant for sourcing wisdom through decks? How has this worked into your mothering thus far?